Say Goodbye To Dry Hair With ÄZ Haircare

(AZ Haircare)

Cooler temperatures outdoors mean hotter showers indoors, and the hotter the water, the duller and drier hair becomes. Combine that with forced indoor heat and dry air, and hair can be a mess of flyaways and static. But, just because the weather has turned cold and gray (in some places, at least) there’s no reason for hair to lack luster and vibrancy. ÄZ Haircare has products designed to give back to one’s crown and glory by hydrating and nourishing strands that have taken a seasonal beating.

“Winter takes its toll on hair so it’s important to take steps to ensure maximum hydration during this time of year,” says Jeremy Davies-Barbala, ÄZ Haircare creative director. “Women use hotter water in their showers and are more likely to use heat styling tools. The combination can lead to dry, brittle hair and split ends," he adds. Fear not, ÄZ Haircare has products that help hydrate and repair even the most damaged hair.

For daily conditioning, try ÄZ Haircare Indulge Conditioner. This proprietary formulation realigns cuticle layers and hair fibers to highlight hair’s luster and shine while providing thermal protection.


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 ÄZ Haircare Enhance Color Conditioner contains age-defying properties that are proven to soften grey hair, making it more pliable and responsive to treatment. It leaves hair smooth and shiny and helps to strengthen hair.

 Designed to be used daily if needed or as a weekly intense conditioning treatment, ÄZ Haircare Remedy Restorative Masque is a nourishing elixir that soothes, smooths and replenishes lost protein and moisture in damaged or chemically treated hair by supporting fiber alignment. It restores the hair’s ability to retain moisture by balancing the natural state of the cuticle and cortex.

 To heal cuticle layers that have been stressed by elements, try ÄZ Haircare Elixir Nourishing Oil. The proprietary blend of oils is thermal activated, making hair resistant to attack from extreme temperatures by creating a barrier that helps prevent cuticle lift while reducing breakage. It also helps restore strength, moisture and shine.

photo by FotoDuets/iStock/Getty Images Plus