Snag the Formula for this Pastel Pixie

(Pastel pixie)

It’s not uncommon for us hairdressers to go out in public and just STARE at someone's hair. More than hair, I tend to look at peoples’ faces. There is something so exciting about seeing someone and imagining a whole new look for them, all the way from a new haircolor to a haircut. I might be a bit of romantic, but I love to see someone’s personal beauty and then imagine how I can take it to the next level with my artistry! Their excitement over a new look makes my job so rewarding.

Recently I began working with a beauty young lady with short hair. I knew from the moment I saw her that I wanted to be her hairstylist. We talked, collaborated and agreed on a fresh new pixie look that would change her style in to something icy and fresh for winter! Here’s how we achieved her look:

First, prelighten with Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder Lightener. Her hair was a natural level 7. To achieve a clean platinum canvas, we prelightened the hair in very thin sections in back-to-back foils. Wait to apply lightner to the first ½” of the hair until the midlengths and ends are almost to the desired lightness to prevent the roots from lightening too quickly. This is important in any global lightening application as it will help to maintain the health of the hair and achieve a more desirable lifted result that is prepped for toning.


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Next, tone with REDKEN Shades EQ Gloss 010VV. We chose Redken Shades EQ Gloss as our toner of choice to achieve icy perfection. The gloss tones at an acidic PH level, perfect for calming down stressed hair after prelightening with a powder lightener. The new 010VV shade is a perfect platinum shade with just a hint of lavender for a tasteful pastel look.

Last, add Fashion Shades. After the toner was complete, we applied Matrix So Color Cult Semi Permanent Shades in Mermaid Teal and Sparkling Rose with a soft balayage technique to accent the pixie and add dimension. The semi-permanent shades are perfect for blondes because they create vibrant fashion results and fade softly over time to reveal a clean blonde canvas that can then be colored or left alone. This is great for our guests who love to change their hair often, or just want to play with fun colors for a short time.

Check out the video below for a fun technique to texturize any pixie cut!