Social Media Strategies to Gain New Clients in 2020

(Social media)

Traditionally a stylist or barber will take a photo and post an amazing outcome as the result of their hard work. As much as the picture speaks 1000 words, there is still something lacking or missing from that post: PERSONALITY! A photo has no personality and in today’s work environment, that is the one thing that can make or break it.

How do you implement more personality into your content? Simply start to record YOU. There is a huge fear of being on camera and many tend to shy away, but if you can’t talk to a cell phone, how can you talk to a new client that sits in your chair? It’s time to stop letting fear get in the way.

I have seen many scenarios where a client would come in based off the gorgeous photo they saw on Instagram, but there is a huge disconnect between the stylist and client due to her lack of, you guessed it, personality. Clients want to be sold by not only our work, but the communication aspect of the appointment. Simply be you and educate rather than try to sell or be the next Oscar nominee. Obviously the better you are in front of a camera that will show through, but simply be yourself and start putting out videos of you describing your favorite product, how to use it, a client testimonial, etc. These are the modern ways of gaining new clients and I can assure you it will help you gain new ones.