The Halo is the perfect sectioning technique to cut visually and allows you to see the complete outline shape build up with softness.

In a recent instagram post, Riawna Capri shared the formula that she used to transform her client's hair during her five-hour long appointment.

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Redken Artist George Garcia shows a less-damaging alternative to the teasy lights highlighting technique: split lights.

Lori Zabel, Redken Artist and Master Stylist at Dop Dop Salon, shares tips and tricks for getting better grey coverage with haircolor.

The colorist has spent the last 25 years mastering her craft in Sydney, Australia, and figuring out the secret to a bold money piece.

Marie Cain shared her go-to technique for bouncy blowouts during the Redken Virtual Symposium.

During this year's Redken Symposium, Katrina Smiley shared a time-saving color technique that works well on any skin tone.

In this how-to video, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) demonstrates an easy technique to achieve the look. 

Her go-to hairstylist took to Instagram to share the breakdown for the look.

While her career continues to reach new heights, one thing remains constant: the honey brown haircolor we've all come to know and love.