Step Inside Singapore's Most Instagrammable Salon

(Chez Vous)

Tucked away in the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district, Chez Vous Hideaway occupies an unassuming office space on the 14th floor of a city high-rise. Designed to serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day life in Southeast Asia, the concept salon is taking everything you thought you knew about the traditional salon model and flipping it on its head.

In an effort to stray from the typical salon experience, Chez Vous Hideaway offers a space that’s part salon, part sanctuary and part playhouse. In addition to a luxury salon experience, the 1,800-square-foot interior houses seven Instagrammable zones, catering to Millennial clientele.


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The neon-lit corridor that leads to the waiting area.  

Those visiting Chez Vous Hideaway are first greeted by a neon-lit corridor that leads into a Hogwarts-inspired library, a waiting area for guests before the true experience begins. Guests push through a life-size framed painting and step inside the Re:Charge Relaxation Den, where they'll find complimentary, spa-like services, including OSIM leather massage chairs that emit red light scalp therapy and an Oxygen Bar. Regular customers can utilize the den whenever they wish, even if they’re not scheduled for a hair appointment.

The OSIM leather massage chairs that emit red light scalp therapy

From there, guests venture into the Re-Invention Zone, a light and airy room that mimics an urban loft. Decked out with an all-white interior, makeshift natural lighting and greenery, this space is designed for clients to unwind, snap a picture for the 'gram and experience the ultimate hair transformation. And, say goodbye to your average shampoo and wash—Chez Vous Hidwaway has a private Wash Room that projects underwater, digital art onto the wall while clients receive Shiatsu head massages. Appointments each day are kept to a minimum so that the area never feels overcrowded.

For VIPS, the Rose Quartz Private Room—a pale pink haven that offers complete privacy—is one of the final pitstops in the Chez Vous Hideaway maze. For everyone else, the turquoise-colored exit provides numerous selfie stations to show off their new 'dos. Sign us up.

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