How-To Video: Bridal Side-Swept "Faux Braid"

Photo courtesy of @lalasupdos

When it comes to weddings, stylists can’t control the weather or make the best man say a more tasteful toast, but they can make a beautiful style that promises to last from the vows through the reception. 

In todays how-to, Laura "LaLa" Kaszoni (@lalasupdos) demonstrates her special "faux-braid" technique, creating a style that not only promises to stay put—because each section is secured with an elastic—but also gives you added control as you're creating the "faux braid" style. You can even incorporate elegant embellishments, like flowers, crystals or appliqués, making the style all the more special for the bride's big day. Scroll down to have a look.

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  • Start by placing a hair appliqué on the side you would like your braid. 
  • Take a section of hair from the top of the end of the appliqué and secure with an elastic.
  • Grab a section of hair from the front underneath the appliqué and secure with an elastic. 
  • Take the secured front section and pull it from the top through the middle of your other secured section. 
  • Continue by taking a section from the top and the front, securing the two together with an elastic on-top of the previous elastic to hide it. 
  • Continue all the way down the hair, pulling your top sections over from the other side of the head as you go, and making sure to lower the height of your elastics with each section to give a sweeping shape to the braid. 
  • When reaching the end of the scalp and working with the rest of the hair, continue by pulling a section of hair from outside each side of the previous elastic and secure in the middle ontop (just like you have been doing previously).
  • Deconstruct the sections as you go by gently pulling on the sides to give more body and width to the style.


ABOUT: Based in Sacramento, Laura Kaszoni, creator of Lala’s Updos is an educator for bridal, braided & vintage hair styling. A graduate of Elite Academy London (partner of Vidal Sassoon), Kaszoni is available for in salon service & salon classes.