Take Your Consultations to the Next Level with JPMS Hair Analysis Tool

photo courtesy of brand(JPMS Hair AI)

John Paul Mitchell Systems recently launched an innovation in personalized care– Hair AI powered by FitSkin. A first-of-its-kind professional-only analysis tool, Hair AI will take consultations to the next level and help stylist guide guests to their best hair ever.  

Using the power of proprietary technology and advanced artificial intelligence, each scan rapidly provides an in-depth look at your guest’s hair health and scalp condition. Hair AI is a game-changing, mini hair expert that turns your iPhone into a professional-grade hair and scalp diagnostic tool. Enhance the guest experience with the newest hair analysis technology.

How it Works: 


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  • Kick off the consultation and get to know your guest with the Hair AI quiz.
  • Pair your Hair AI scanner with your iPhone and use it analyze your guest’s hair and scalp.
  • Instantly receive an in-depth look at your guest’s hair health and scalp condition, plus professional treatment and Take Home product recommendations that can easily be shared by email or text.
  • Track your guest’s results over time, to show them their progress or to suggest a shift in their hair care regimen. 

Hair AI will be available in limited release to select Paul Mitchell Salons on November 16, 2020. Beginning January 2021, all salons and stylists can receive a Hair AI device with purchase of any new user Care and Styling Kit. Contact your local distributor for information!