Ted Gibson and Jason Backe Reimagine Iconic Hitchcock Blondes

Killer Blondes

Alfred Hitchcock had a thing for blondes, casting them in leading roles in nearly all of his films. Think Grace Kelly in Rear Window, Kim Novak in Vertigo, Tippi Hedren in The Birds or Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest. In his interviews with François Truffaut, Hitchcock explained his predilection by suggesting that he was looking for an actress whose sex appeal was “indirect,” the kind of sophisticated blonde who isn’t exactly who she seems. Truffaut rightly assumed that Hitchcock was intrigued by the paradox between the “inner fire and the cool surface.” Whatever the reason, the sheer number of blondes who appear in his films is so staggering, from Anne Baxter, a natural brunette who became a bottle-blonde for I Confess to Ingrid Bergman in Spellbound and Notorious, that they became known simply as Hitchcock blondes.

Written by Marianne Dougherty; Photography by Robert Lynden; Wardrobe by Deborah Waknin for Jed Root; Manicures Debbie Leavitt for Nailing Hollywood; Nail Color Essie Picked Perfect