Tips for Restoring Damaged, Thinning Hair

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By Sue Tyrrell (@suetyrrellstylist)

A concern that is brought to my attention more frequently by my female clients is thinning hair and hair loss. For any clients with thinning hair, I always have an in-depth consultation and I ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Three things I recommend a client who is noticing that their hair is thinning are:

1. Shower Filter I'm based in the Cayman Islands, and a lot of clients who have just moved here start to notice that their hair is thinning. Because of the water quality in the Caribbean, I recommend clients put a water filter on their shower heads to protect the hair from harmful minerals, heavy metals and chlorine. Chlorine rips protective oil and moisture away from your skin and hair resulting in it becoming dry and fragile. I recommend RainDrops water filters.

2. Thinning Shampoo I personally recommend Truss Professional Therapy Shampoo—it can help with scalp circulation and stimulate hair growth.

3. Vitamins I also recommend that clients with hair loss take Nutrafol tablets to help improve strength, shine, texture, density, manageability, softness and faster growth. I've seen great results from these tablets from different clients.

If the client's hair is still thinning after trying these recommendations, I usually suggest that they see a doctor to rule out health issues.

Another factor to weigh when trying to combat hair damage and hair loss is the client's lifestyle. Living in the Caribbean, or in any hot and humid area, poses a lot of damaging factors for hair. Things to consider before performing any service on a client are: Does this client get a lot of sun, sea and pool exposure? What are there lifestyle habits like? Are they washing their hair every day? Which products are they using at home? Are they sulphate-free? How often do they plan to come to the salon? Do they blow-dry their hair or let it air dry?

I like to give my color clients a Truss Professional Lipidic Treatment after a chemical service. It replenishes the lipids lost during a chemical process and restores shine and elasticity, helping color to last longer, stay brighter longer and look much healthier. It also prevents breakage and therefore prevents thinning. It’s so important for your client's hair to be healthy!