Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Into the Haircare Biz


Actress Tracee Ellis Ross recently got into the haircare game with natural brand Pattern Beauty, which all transpired after an impromptu conversation with a beauty supply store employee. The store attendant told Ross that people would show him her picture and ask him how to get hair like hers, and she realized that the store did not have the right products to offer.

Over a decade and 75 product experiments later, Ross launched Pattern with the goal to build “a brand that actually felt like it was made by somebody who was in the community,” she told Forbes in an interview. The online shop ranges from microfiber towels to T-shirts, but the main focus is the hair products.

It’s a line of seven hair products catering to people falling within the range of five hair texture types between 3B (springy ringlets with about the circumference of a straw) and 4C (tightly coiled and more densely packed).


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The collection includes a medium conditioner for curlies, a heavy conditioner for coilies and an intensive conditioner for tight textures, plus a hydration shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, an argan oil hair serum and a jojoba oil hair serum for all textures.

By purchasing Pattern products, customers help to support organizations and programs that empower women & people of color. Pattern products are also available at Ulta.

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