True Pioneers: Matrix's Fall/Winter 2015 Trend

Matrix introduces its True Pioneers Fall/Winter 2015 Trend inspired by the free spirit of the trailblazing pioneers who settled the American West. With a rustic yet refined feel, contrasting textured waves along with eye-catching gradient hues come together, featuring the new Matrix Colorinsider Color Concentrates.

Look A: 

Natural Level: 6
Formula A: Colorinsider 5RC + Colorinsider Red Concentrate and Colorinsider 20-volume Oil Cream Developer
Formula B: Colorinsider 8CC+ Colorinsider Orange Concentrate and Colorinsider 30-volume Oil Cream Developer

1. Apply Formula A to the scalp area and Formula B through the mid-lengths and ends to all sections except for sections 2 and 3. Cover with foil for control.
2. In section 2, create sub-sections from front to back that are approximately one-inch wide. Apply Formula A to the scalp area and vary how far the formula reaches toward the mid-lengths as you work across section 2. Utilize a side brushing technique to apply Formula B to the remaining mid-lengths and ends.
3. Twist the sub-sections toward the back for control and to blend colors. Place foil for control where needed. Process for 35 minutes at room temperature. 

Look B:

Natural Level 7
Formula A: Soblur Clear + Matrix 10-volume Cream Developer
Formula B:  Lightinsider + Colorinsider 20-volume Oil Cream Developer
Formula C:  Colorinsider 10-volume + Colorinsider 6R and Colorinsider Red Concentrate and Colorinsider 10-volume Oil Cream Developer
Formula D:  Colorinsider 10A + Colorinsider 1N + Colorinsider Blue Concentrate and Colorinsider 10-volume Oil Cream Developer
Formula E:  Color Sync SPV + Matrix 10-volume Cream Developer

1. Beginning on the right side, take a ¼-inch slice and place on foil. Apply Formula B through the entire strand staying just off of the scalp. Leave a small slice in between foils and repeat until the section is complete. Repeat on the other side and fringe sections. Process to pale yellow or up to 50 minutes at room temperature. Rinse thoroughly, cleanse and dry.
2. On the pre-lightened hair in side section take a diagonal slice. Visually divide the foil into thirds. Apply Formula C to the scalp area two to four inches out. Then, apply Formula D to the middle section and Formula E to the ends. Cover each slice with foil. Do not fold.

Mastery Point: Meld each formula with the next by using a side brushing technique. Continue to apply color in the same manner to previously lightened sections.


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