Wahl Educator Garland “G-Whiz” Fox Handles “Cheating” Clients

At this year’s America’s Beauty Show (@americasbeautyshow), longtime Wahl Educator Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (@thisisgwhiz) explained why he loves when clients “cheat” and go to another barber. “They get to go somewhere else and see what it’s really like to get treated the wrong way,” says Fox. “Fade messed up, line pushed back, color messed up. And they have to wait all day long to get messed up. And, they over charge them.” Then, when the client inevitably comes back to his master skills, Fox lets them know, there’s a price—literally and figuratively—for cheating. “They come back to me and guess what, I charge extra now. Why? Because you didn’t know I was charging you under the old prices, you were grandfathered in. But since you left, you have voided your warranty. You are now in the new price range.” Every barber in the audience laughed with understanding, and they had a new method for handling “cheaters.” Listen to Fox’s hilarious explanation below.


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