Wahl Professional Takes A Trip Through The Decades

(Wahl Through The Decades)

1950’s Rock & Roll Pompadour

Wahl Pompadour

Miguel Rosas, Wahl W.E.A.T. USA member, brings the 1950s rock ’n’ roll pompadour to life. This look works best with longer hair up top, which Rosas blow-dried and styled with a strong-hold pomade to emphasize shape, shine and volume.

1970’s Disco Afro

Wahl Disco Afro

Garland Fox “G-Whiz,” Wahl W.E.A.T. USA member, created this 1970s disco afro style. Volume was the name of the game during that time, which made afro and perm styles the go-to look. 

2010’s—The Textured Crop

Wahl Textured Crop

Wahl UK Global Artistic Director Simon Shaw created this quintessential English textured crop. He cut short to medium hair on the top section of the head, and from there he styled it forward from the crown to the fringe.


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