What It Takes To Grow As An Artist


Every successful career starts with a strong foundation, and whether that's in hairdressing or styling, it all stems from good education.

When you decided that you wanted to be a hairstylist, you went to cosmetology school spent time as an assistant and eventually graduated to become a hairstylist. From that point on, it’s up to you to further your education by attending brand education or masterclasses hosted by your favorite artists.

Of course, it's not easy when you first start out in the industry—it can be both scary and intimidating. With so many amazing artists out there, and platforms like Instagram, it can be challenging to get noticed. But there is one crucial thing to remember: We were all new to this industry at one point.


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In order to grow as an artist, one of the most important things is to be your own person and not compare ourselves to others. I know that's incredibly challenging in today's society, but comparison can have a huge impact on an individual's mental health and result in blocking their ability to grow and become creative.

Though it's sometimes painted in a negative light, social media can be used in a positive way, too. Aside from having instant access to education, it's also a portfolio of your work. I believe if you post pictures of clients hair that you love doing, that’s the kind of client you will attract!

This goes for education too, with all the amazing educational classes available, it’s so easy to find an artist or brand that you want to learn from and follow. Education is the key to becoming better versions of ourselves, being confident in our work and gaining more knowledge. I always say no matter what age you are, you can never stop learning.

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others, which is why I've started offering my own education in my salon and online. It’s an amazing way to meet other passionate artists and share our knowledge with each other. You can learn more here.