Rossa Jurenas Gets White Hot in Latest Collection

Rossa Jurenas

When Rossa Jurenas, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Color Director, saw the clothing pulled for her photo shoot—neutral whites and creams punctuated with black leathers and knits—she knew exactly how to make her model’s hair pop: with a shock of white color. “Wardrobe is such a key element. When I saw those textures, fabrics and colors, that’s when I started thinking of adding a splash of color,” says Jurenas. “I picked white because I wanted to keep the tones prominent and controlled.” As each outfit came out, she was motivated to create a different style. “The model, Polina Protodyakonova, really knew how to get in character and it inspired me.” Starting off with a great base foundation helped Jurenas create new styles with each look, making an editorial splash with white-hot color.

High and Mighty 

By creating a heightened, smooth-sided updo, Jurenas put the white hair color center stage. “I used spray-in temporary hair color and cardboard paper to create the shade and shape,” says Jurenas. “And I applied the color with light, feathery motions, giving the hair a textured look.”

Easy and Unstructured 

Every good fashion model knows that a “broken down” structure—bent with lots of interesting angles—creates an eye-catching position. Complementing that concept, Jurenas deconstructed her updo, maximizing the hair’s intrigue. “I like to push the boundaries and see how many looks I can create without adding hair pieces,” says Jurenas. 

Parted and Peekaboo 

Peekaboo hair color is a huge trend right now—normally showcasing bright, direct dye, fashion colors when the hair is pulled in different directions. By repositioning her model’s hair with a side part, Jurenas created a dramatic, peekaboo style with temporary white color. This more subtle color placement instantly changed the model’s demeanor, transforminåg her from fierce and intense, to poised and elegant. 

Strong and Shapely

The beauty of temporary colors, such as the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDEME Instant Blushes used on this set, is that it gives clients color options without long-lasting commitment. “It’s great for giving a hint of color to enhance their look,” she says. Just a whisper of white easily cranked up the intensity on this bold, pulled-back shape.

Photography: Damien Carney
Hair: Rossa Jurenas
Makeup: Aya Kudo
Wardrobe: Mia Tucker