Word Play: Vivienne Mackinder

Vivienne Mackinder NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, free associates with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark:

Antique I love antiques. I am one, pretty well polished at this point.  

Frosting To be avoided at all times.


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Faded Okay in a pair of jeans. Not okay for hair color.

Announcement Vivienne, you won the North American Hairdressing Award.

Elephant Good memory, fat ass.

Light of my life My husband. I’d almost given up, and there he was. Who knew that coming to New York would be like a story out of Sex and the City? There were all these men—yucky, yucky men—and then I found him. You have to dig deep, but the good ones are out there.

Fairy talewant to live in one, all the time. I want to be Tinker Bell or a Smurf. I wouldn’t mind living in Smurfville.

Musical I love The Sound of Music. I feel like a quick yodel.

Rainbow I’d like to ride off into the sunset, on my horse, with a rainbow. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?