Color Collection: Elevated Artistry

Barring perhaps the early 1900s when hair color was first invented, it’s unlikely that there has been a more exciting time to be a colorist than today. Who could have predicted the enormous popularity of pink hair, unicorn hair—gray hair, for goodness’ sake? Yet here we are, living in the age of Instagram and clients hungry for unique, completely customized looks.

That’s where Malibu C Professional comes in. Thanks to their recently launched Concentr8 Colour collection, with just three packets in Primary Red, Yellow and Blue, artists are able to create literally any hue they want. “Certain clients want what’s trendy, and that means looking different from everyone else,” says Jamie Suarez, Regis Corporation Creative Director, who worked alongside Malibu C Professional Global Creative Director Missy Peterson to create the looks on the shoot. Suarez says that it would be impossible for a manufacturer to create all of the pre-mixed colors that stylists could ever need. Concentr8 Colour fills in those gaps by working with any existing color line to enhance and customize each formula for every client. “You can stick with the color brand you already love, and use Concentr8 Colours to intensify or elevate it,” Peterson says.

The collection celebrates the idea of taking the coloring craft to new highs, both in practice and in spirit. During the shoot, Suarez fanned the models’ hair to lift it up, making it appear almost electric and alive. “The whole idea behind the shoot is to elevate your artistry to the next level,” he explains, “so we’re representing elevation and movement in the collection while simultaneously showcasing the range of color formulations you can achieve.”

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At the end of the day, Peterson and Suarez hope the collection inspires colorists to step outside of their comfort zone and have fun with color. “Hairdressers are creatives, and when we live in the same space for too long, we get bored, tired, uninspired,” says Suarez. “So when a product like Concentr8 Colour comes along, it doesn’t only bring options, it brings inspiration and possibilities.” And that’s what elevating your craft is all about.


  • Photography Greg Carter, NuVisions Studio
  • Hair Color Missy Peterson, Jamie Suarez
  • Cut and Style Jamie Suarez
  • Creative Assistant Anthony Barnhill
  • Makeup Nichole Servin
  • Fashion Styling Marlene Wade
  • Photography Assistant Jim Saki
  • Production Manager Gil Perez

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