Color How-To: Girl Power Pink

photos courtesy of @honeyhousehair

Nothing screams girl power quite like the perfect shade of pink. As women are sharing their voices, taking a stand and embracing their power on all platforms across the country, we can't think of a better time to share this ultra-feminine shade. 

Los Angeles-based hairstylist Chelsea Deitemeyer (@honeyhousehair) gave her client a rooty, vibrant pink that brought her bob to life. Here, she shares the formula with us.

Get the Look:

  • Toned with Pulp Riot Barcelona for 10 minutes.
  • Roots: Pulp Riot 1/2oz of Cupid + 1/2oz of blush + 1/2oz of lilac + 2oz of Clear 
  • Mid shaft-ends: Pulp Riot 2oz Blush+ 1oz of lilac+ a line of Cupid + 2 oz of clear  
  • Process for 45 min. Rinse cool water. 

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