Color How-To: Warm Dimensional Brunette

photos courtesy of @salsalhair and @mizzchoi

One of the best parts about brown hair is its endless versatility. A dark base can easily be transformed into a golden caramel or a warm cinnamon chocolate. In this case, California-based stylist Cherin Choi (@mizzchoi) lightened up her client's deep base with a face-framing, dimensional brunette shade. Here's how: 

  • Use Flashlift Redken Bleach for full highlights with 20volume on the roots and 40 volume on the ends. 
  • Lift to a level 8. 
  • Tone the roots using Redken Shades 5g + splash of 8c. 
  • Tone all all over using Redken Shades 7nb(1.2) + 7c (.4) + 9aa (.4) + clear (1oz)
  • Process for 12-15 minutes.   

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