Express Yourself: Reinterpreting Bold Haircolor Trends

From pastels to rainbow brights, hair color has become a means of self-expression for a new generation of women who are not afraid to go boldly where hair color has never gone before. “I’m very interested in pixilation,” says Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell's Editorial Director, who finds it a graphic alternative to ombré and color blurring. “Pixelation sort of mixed things up.” Using wigs as her canvas, Doughty let her imagination run wild in order to explore notions of identity and to see just how far she could push the envelope with hair color while still creating something commercial enough to work in the real world.

Photography Robert Lynden; Hair Assistants: Noogie Thai and Caitlyn Perk; Makeup: Iris Moreau; Wardrobe Styling: Rafael Linares; Manicure: Dawn Sharp for OPI


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