How-To: Denim Blue Color

Not all mermaids have red hair! Meet PRAVANA’s New Product Development intern Ariel who embraced the denim hair trend and made it her own!
While denim attire has been on-trend for as long as any of us can remember (it was invented in 1873!), the denim hair color trend is taking over the hair world in 2016! It’s easy to see why; just as jeans can be customized in fit, color and style the way you want them to, so is denim hair color. There truly is a hue for everyone!
PRAVANA has shown you how to get a medium-wash denim with this video featuring Artistic Educator Meg B. White but if you or your client are looking for a different denim variation, check out Ariel’s formulas below to get her look using ChromaSilk and VIVIDS!

 Don’t be afraid to rock the double denim look either (never forget, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001)! Like Ariel demonstrates, incorporating two different VIVIDS blue hues adds dimension and edge to the look.
Dark Wash Denim: 15 grams VIVIDS Blue Topaz + 15 grams VIVIDS Blue + 9 grams VIVIDS Black + 6 grams VIVIDS Clear
Light Wash Denim: 12 grams Locked-In Teal + 3 grams VIVIDS Blue Topaz + 8 grams PASTELS Mystical Mint
Blue-Black Base: ChromaSilk 1N + 2 inches of Blue Corrector

About: VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare provides all the essential tools to preserve color vitality and vibrancy like no other product available. Specifically formulated to work with the very special cationic dye system employed in VIVIDS and PASTEL colors, VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare works to ensure long-lasting, bright color. For more information visit