How-To: Hair as Sweet as Candy

The future of hair looks brighter than ever! The street style (and several runways) at New York Fashion Week proved that rainbow hair, in its many forms, is continuing on as a top, fashion-forward trend!

Experience the sweet life with Tutti Frutti hair, the rainbow look of your childhood dreams - all grown up!

Created by celebrity colorist Danny Moon (he’s responsible for Kylie’s turquoise tips, Nicole Richie’s lavender and more, and even has his own line of hair glitter gel called Major Moonshine), this look combines two different color techniques: balayage and color blocking. There’s nothing childish about this; it’s the perfect combo of sweet and daring, as Moon utilizes his flawless VIVIDS application to give a high-impact, delicious look to the hair. Bubblegum pink to purple and teal balayage takes center stage, but like all Moon’s signature creations, there’s a twist! With movement, a stunning rainbow roll-up piece appears from the underneath, instantly transforming model Marlee’s mane into a totally crave-worthy treat!

Danny Moon, prolific colorist and trailblazer, makes color wearable, yet eye-catching and fashion-forward. In a collaboration with MANE ADDICTS,  Moon transforms Marlee into a multicolored masterpiece here: