How-To: VIVIDS Black Smokestack

PRAVANA Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby created this layered, multi-dimensional look called Smokestack, where she incorporated parallel panels starting at the nape and moving up. As the panels move towards the face, the colors graduate from dark to light. Done with the new Black, the traditional VIVIDS colors transformed into smokey, shadowy violets and muted lavenders for a perfect palette. 

Grigsby noted that “each of the shades has a new depth that wasn't attainable before VIVIDS Black. Even just a few drops of Black into an existing formula creates a new deeper, darker version of it. It's like finding the edgy side of your formula.” VIVIDS Black is a must-have for every stylist to explore even greater opportunities for customization.

Grigsby shares the following formulas and technique to recreate Smokestack: 

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1.     Pre-lighten the hair to a level 10 using Pure Light Power Lightener and choice of developer.

2.     Shampoo, condition and dry the hair completely.

3.     Mix the following formulas:

a.     Formula 1: 56g PASTELS Pretty in Pink + 16g VIVIDS Magenta + 72g VIVIDS Silver + 30g VIVIDS Black

b.     Formula 2: 100g PASTELS Pretty in Pink + 1g VIVIDS Violet + 3g VIVIDS Black

c.     Formula 3: 20g PASTELS Blissful Blue + 28g PASTEL Luscious Lavender + 16g PASTEL Pretty in Pink + 4 drops of VIVIDS Black + 2 drops VIVIDS Violet

d.     Formula 4: 60g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 8g VIVIDS Pink + 4 drops VIVIDS Violet + 2g VIVIDS Black

e.     Formula 5: 100g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 5g VIVIDS Black

f.      Formula 6: PASTELS Luscious Lavender

4.     Starting in the back, part out a triangular section from the bottom of the ears to the occipital bone. Apply Formula 1 to this section from roots to ends.

5.     Moving up the head, take another section about 2” wide following the previous triangular parting. Apply Formula 2 to this section from roots to ends.

6.     Continue working up the head in this way, creating 2” wide sections following the previous triangular parting and rotating off the ears like the hands of a clock.  Apply the remaining formulas in consecutive order, finishing with Formula 6 at the front hairline. 

7.     Process at room temperature 20-30 minutes.

8.     Shampoo, condition, and protect with VIVIDS Color Protect after care products. Style as desired.

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