Make the Denim Inspired Color Trend Work for Your Client

From stonewash to indigo to midnight, denim-inspired hair color is making the social media rounds. But what makes this blue hair trend different from last year’s super-bold and neon blues is the muted quality of the color. “It’s more wearable for a wider range of clients, from teens to professionals,” says Danielle Keasling, Matrix U.S. Director and Global Design Team member. “Plus, it’s a great opportunity for salons to recruit the under-30 client.” Here, our experts’ best tips for crafting a blue look that works on all your clients.

Q How can colorists make blue work for everyone?

A Paint in bangs, add blue babylights for a peek of color or dip-dye tips for just a gentle touch of blue right on the ends. These are great alternatives to overall color. But if you and your client decide to go that route, opt for a shade that’s easy to maintain based on your client’s lifestyle and keep the fade factor in mind.—Danielle Keasling

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Q What is the best way to achieve blue color?

A First, bleach out the hair to the right level. A level 7 or 8 is good, but I like to get it to a level 10. It’s important to get all the pigment out because any underlying color will affect the blue. I’ll usually bleach, shampoo without conditioner and then dry before applying color.—Shelley Gregory, colorist and L’Oréal Professionnel Brand Ambassador


Q Any advice for colorists who are performing a blue color service?

A Make sure hair is healthy when applying fashion colors like blue. Hair porosity and fading can majorly affect your color job—and your reputation. So perform a thorough consultation, taking these into account. And educate your client on aftercare, advising them to wash once a week and to use a hydrating, sulfate-free line like L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Overnight Masque.—Shelley Gregory

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