Australia's Charmayne Robinson Explores Celestial Hues

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Luna—goddess of the moon and a female entity who was said to work through the dark as the sun was resting—gave rise to Charmayne Robinson’s award-winning release by the same name, seen here. “When creating the looks, I drew inspiration from the moon’s shape, texture and contrast as well as the energy shift felt when it transitions,” says Robinson, who wanted to create moving points of light and texture with color to mirror an eclipse effect in the hair. “All the looks are in a different transition, with some being more illuminated while others are more shadowed,” says the colorist from Papas + Pace in Brisbane, Australia. “The end result is a different energy and emotion for each and every one.”

For this short, layered look, Charmayne Robinson applied a teal hue to a crescent section that spanned from behind the ears to the eyebrows. She then applied navy blue to the base section and a copper-into-gold melt on the top.

Robinson created a top crescent section from the back of the head to the cheekbone, hand-painting the area with a dark teal melt. She mirrored the same sectioning in the lower half of the design, this time applying a yellow-to-blonde melt. The same technique was repeated across the fringe.


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To create a shadow effect, Robinson drew a jagged line from ear to ear over the top of the head with a comb, then hand-painted the section violet. For the finishing touch, she painted the back circle khaki brown.

Once Robinson broke hair into sections, anchoring them from the base and skewing them off the top, she applied teal and pale red hues around the head using a freehand technique.

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole   

Hair Styling: Amanda Conner

Makeup: Hayley Edgar

Fashion Styling: Sarah Birchley   

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