The Most-Requested Color This Fall

(Beige Blonde Trend)

Written by Rich Tran (@ultrafadebyrich)

Given that fall (or Autumn, as well call it in Australia) has already passed in Sydney, I can share some insight on the most-requested color we saw this year. We noticed that clients wanted to keep their overall color lighter with hints of warm undertones—without a doubt, Beige Blonde has been the most-requested tone of the season. There are so many different variations of the color, and here at Ultrafade Salon we love custom mixing each toner to suit our client’s preference.

If a client is thinking about going blonde this season but has naturally darker hair, why not try a shadow root melted to beige blonde ends? This will require a full bleach, a mix of a darker tone on the roots and a second toner of beige blonde throughout the ends blended together for seamless transition. I personally love the shadow root effect because it gives a more lived-in feel and the regrowth over time looks more natural and less harsh when the color fades.

I personally believe that anyone could rock this color. Adding a hint of strawberry rose or golden caramel to a beige blonde mix is a subtle change that makes all the difference.

Beige blonde has hints of ashy and warm golden tones that suit all complexions. Our clients with different skin tones rock our Beige Blonde color (seen here) and I they all look stunning in their own way. I try to encourage clients to have the self-confidence to embrace their individuality and beauty regardless of their hair tone or skin color. My mission is to help inspire people to feel confident in their skin no matter what their age, skin color, hair color or ethnicity is.

Stylists will do their best to attain clients’ hair goals and health, but the health of the hair is truly the client’s responsibility. That means using salon-quality shampoo and conditioners and bond repairers. Our favorites are from the Olaplex range. Clients should adopt a healthy hair routine and make it a habit to keep their hair hydrated using serums and oils, such as the Ouai Hair Oil, daily on damp or dry hair.

When heat styling, clients should remember to keep their tools below a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius to prevent color from fading quickly. If a tool doesn’t have a temperature setting, try not to spend too long over one section. It’s natural that color will fade with washing, so clients should ask their colorist for a custom mix of color treatment to help you keep their hue fresh between salon visits. We love using Evo Fabluso Pro.

Overall, if a client is new to blonde or if they’ve been a blonde all their life, beige blonde is the perfect middle ground. Adding a tinge of warmth is a great way to ensure that the skin tone isn’t washed out during the chillier months to come.