Angelo Seminara Strikes a Chord With His Newest Collection

(Angelo Seminara)

Rich color embellishes styles with a feminine edge in this exclusive collection from Angelo Seminara, created to commemorate the launch of View, a new demi-permanent color system from Davines that features biodegradable formulas housed in recycled plastic bottles that tones bleached or lightens natural hair, evens out color, revives lengths and ends, and covers grays up to 50 percent. “Nothing is over the top and everything is suited to the face and personality of the model,” says Seminara, who called on View to add dimension, moisture and softness to the hair in the portfolio. Movement also played a key role. “Looks ranged from soft, loose waves and curly texture to a long bob with a ’60s feel but without too much volume to keep it cool and young,” says Seminara. “We also had beautiful long hair that’s dressed with glamorous texture and a silky straight hair look that’s really sharp.”

To achieve this look, Angelo Seminara used his Flamboyage technique to achieve beautiful natural highlights, then used View as a gloss to enhance the transparency of tones.

Seminara used View as a gloss to enhance the model’s natural red hair, keeping it on the subtle side while maintaining its soft, natural texture.

After prelightening the hair with the Davines Century of Light bleaching system, Seminara used View to add shine and sparkle, and to neutralize the blonde hue without it being overtaken by the tone.

Seminara colored the roots with Davines permanent color and Mask with Vibrachrom before using View to refresh the mid-lengths and ends. “This created a seamless blend, vibrancy and shine,” says Seminara. 

Photographer: Andrew O' Toole 

Makeup/Styling: Angelo Seminara Team