Haircolor Gets a Fun Treatment in the Free-Spirited Next Collection

(Felicitas Ordás' Next Collection)

Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s ’70s-imbued Gucci designs and the sentiment of that era’s feminist movement were top of mind for Felicitas Ordás when she created her Next Collection. “Next is where color becomes the true protagonist,” says the award-winning Barcelona-based hair artist. “It’s a story inspired by the ’70s, where women bring out their essence and boldly leave the shadows to paint a future of light and color that they crave.” Ordás does not disappoint, putting the spotlight on color, freedom and fun.

To create a blue-tinted fringe, Felicitas Ordás first lightened the bangs to a level 8. Then, on dry hair, she applied a blue color cream and let it process for 15 minutes for a subtle highlight effect.

Ordás divided hair into three sections, and created a pigtail in the middle of each one. Then, each pigtail was divided into three parts. Tangerine red was applied to one of the pigtail’s sections, fiery red to the second pigtail’s section, and the third's was lightened and dyed a tangerine hue.

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Violet is one of the must-have colors of the season, says Ordás. On pre-lightened hair, she lightened the roots to a level 8, added a soft lightener and toner to any yellow areas, and finally, applied a violet hue.

Photography: Esteban  Roca

Makeup: Kuki Giménez

Fashion styling: Visori Fashionart