The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team Unveils a Red Hot Collection

Photography: Craig Fleming

“As Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team members, we like to collaborate and share our passion for beautiful hair,” say Tiziana Di Marcelli and Mai Ha, adding that they are constantly thinking of new ideas thatsometimes don’t get used, but that they hold onto for the right moment. Timing is everything. Witness Vermilion, a new collection Di Marcelli and Ha created for the British Hairdressing Awards, photographed by Craig Fleming.

“With Vermilion, we aided to demonstrate strong hair ideas while maintaining wearability,” say the artists. “We both wanted to use a very strong color as a base for the background and clothes to complement the hair looks, so finding the right fashion stylist and photographer to make our ideas flow and exactly capture the mood and feeling we wanted was key.”

To create this look, Tiziana Di Marcelli and Mai Ha first bleached the lengths, then applied a bright copper tone through the mid-lengths. Next, they blended the roots with a natural dark brown before using a thin straightener to create a bend through the copper tone.

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Di Marcelli and Ha cut the hair into a basic bob shape with a choppy fringe before using crazy color shades and a small, thin-nozzle bottle to apply tiny lines in the hair, starting on the crown and working toward the ends.

After sectioning the model’s hair into six ponytails, Di Marcelli and Ha threaded gold rings through and around the ends of each of the ponytails, pinning them into shape.

Di Marcelli and Ha first created a bun, then used an extension tool to apply copper hair pieces that they artistically weaved into the hair.

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