Step-by-Step: Warm Color Formulas

Remember those icy blonde shades celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams and Taylor Swift rocked last year? We’re so over them. This spring we’re seeing a warming trend. Expect buttery blondes, rich browns, soft coppers and fiery shades of red. Blame it on the current obsession with hygge (hue-gah) a Danish concept that can best be described as warmth, comfort, coziness, and taking pleasure in simple rituals. Think of it as global warming, but only in the very best sense of the term.


Arrojo: Fire Starter

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“Deep, golden, copper, fiery reds are right on trend now,” says Ashley Kowalsky, master colorist and team leader at ARROJO Tribeca in New York City, who loves Goldwell
reds because they give her the vibrancy and incredible light reflection she wants.


Alfaparf Milano: Amber Waves

Here’s an interesting blonde: a highly desired, multi-tone featuring  shades from brown and light blonde to gentle gold and pale amber.

Evolution of the Color Harmonizers.02 + Pigments Violet Ash.21

Evolution of the Color 11.32 + Pigments Ash Gold.13 + Pigments Copper.4

Evolution of the Color 8.23 + Pigments Ash.1

Evolution of the Color 7.1 + Evolution of the Color 7.21 + Pigments
Golden Violet .32


Goldwell: Gold Digger

The cut puts an ’80s spin on the iridescent color, which is the hallmark of the 2017 In Flux Collection from Goldwell. The blonde background color is a slightly reflective opalescent coral, while the combination of Acid Gold and Pale Grey creates fluidity within the shape through color and defines the lines of subdued shade contrast.


Colorance 20 ml Lotion + 10 ml 10ICY


Coral Blonde

Colorance 40 ml Lotion + 10 ml 10 BS + 5 ml 8K + 5 ml Clear

Iridescent Colors

Acid Gold (Elumen 25 ml [email protected] + 5 ml [email protected])

Pale Grey (Elumen 1 ml [email protected] + 5 ml [email protected] + 2-ml [email protected])


Aloxxi: Crimson Tide

Andiamo Express Permanent Colour delivers long-lasting, beautiful color and complete gray coverage in just 10 minutes. Her color personality? Baroque His Heart, a vibrant, coppery shade of red we’ll be seeing a lot of this spring.

Formula A White LIGHTENER with 20 Volume Developer 

Formula B ANDIAMO 7C with 20 Volume Developer 

Formula C TONES 8K + 7G with 7 Volume Activator


Alfaparf Milano: Copperhead

Finally, a soft copper enriched with vintage pink tones

Evolution of the Color 6.4 + Pigments Ash.1

Evolution of the Color 9.21 + Pigments Red 6 + Pigments Ash Gold.13

Evolution of the Color 8.4 + Pigments Violet Ash.21

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