10 Tips for Generating a Loyal Male Clientele

Today is National Men’s Grooming Day, so we asked men’s grooming specialist Daniel Alfonso to offer some advice for cultivating a loyal male clientele. The owner of Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon in West Hollywood, CA, Alfonso has worked with high-profile celebrities like Jonah Hill, Shaun White and Wilmer Valderamma and is known for his YouTube tutorials on how to get a variety of looks. Check him out at danielalfonsomenssalon.com/social.

Keep ‘em coming back for more with Alfonso’s tips:

1. Deliver superior service. From ease of booking to being welcomed with a drink from the bar, clients have plenty of space to relax in our lounge area while waiting for their appointments. Exceptional customer service from beginning to end is key. We’ve created an environment that clients look forward to coming back to time and time again. 

2. Create a unique atmosphere. We spent a lot of time creating the ultimate, high-end man-cave salon. From specialty art pieces to an American Buffalo head and custom 200-year-old barber chairs, every detail has been met. 

3. Create the Dream Team. Every person at our salon is highly trained and is an expert at what they do. I ensure that all our stylists are top notch and meet an exceptional level of standards. 

4. Keep services up to date. We are always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in hair, offering Brazilian blowouts for men, color melting and beyond. By introducing our clients to new services that go beyond traditional barbering, we are truly bridging the gap between traditional barbering by embracing the men’s grooming movement. 

5. Consults are key. Make clients feel at home, welcome and understood. We listen to what our clients want and then exceed their expectations. 

6. Stay social. We create YouTube videos and Instagram content to inspire our followers and clients.

7. Educate Your Client. A knowledgeable client is a loyal client. The more they learn about their hair and how to care for it, the more confident they will be in their stylist.

8. Get to know your clients. Engage with them. Show an interest in their story. Be their “hairapist.”

9. Stay passionate about what you’re doing. It’s infectious. People are drawn to and inspired by positivity and creativity.

10. Make yourself irreplaceable. Continue to educate yourself and hone your craft. Give your clients the best haircut of their lives each and every time they sit in your chair.