4 Barbershops That Understand What Men Want

Men are finally getting the attention they deserve when it comes to grooming, and the global market for male grooming products alone is expected to hit the $60 billion mark by 2020, according to Euromonitor. Here are four standout barbershops that understand what men want.

Steele Barber

What Steele Barber lacks in size (it’s 400 square feet), it makes up for with its treatments, products and customer service.

“It’s intimate, size-wise, but luxurious without feeling pretentious,” says owner Matthew Humphrey. “We want to bring the tradition of going to the barbershop to new generations and back to existing ones looking for a higher level of service.” The Seattle-based Aveda barbershop is popular for value-added services like stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massages and hand massages using an aromatic energizing hot towel.

Add a complimentary local craft beer or single malt and it’s impossible to not look forward to a visit to this shop. Plus, the barbershop uses its own images for marketing, creating a down-to-earth vibe. “With the approach of showing a normal everyday guy, we get about a dozen walk-ins every week,” says Humphrey.

Bulls and Bears Parlor

Featuring a concept based on characters in The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street, New Orleans-based Bulls and Bears Parlor is the perfect example of an old-meets-new barbershop, complete with a speakeasy door that leads to the main floor and 1920s barber chairs.

One of the most interesting and popular services among clients is The Gatsby, which starts with a glass of Johnny Walker Blue, and is followed by a haircut, a shave, an application of freshly cut cucumbers to the eyes and a face mask. Bulls and Bears Parlor uses tourist season as an opportunity to do good; this summer, for every cut they book, they give back a cut to the community.

“I encourage all barbers to know their worth,” says Robert Daspit, co-partner. “This industry is one that tech or driverless cars can’t replace for a while, so be creative.”

Hair of the Dog Bar/Bershop

Located in Springfield, IL, Hair of the Dog Bar/Bershop puts the “bar” in “barbershop,” boasting a combination of a full-service barbershop and old-school tavern. The shop, which opened in late 2017, offers traditional barbering, hot shaves and beard trims, and a selection of craft beers, artisan spirits and fine wines. It has relied mostly on word-of-mouth to attract new clients.

“What makes us so unique is the full-service bar, and we’re so popular because of our team of barbers,” says Jeremy Bredemeyer, owner. “At Hair of the Dog, you’re going to leave with a great haircut, and we promise you’ll have a great time while you’re waiting, too.”

Van Michael Men

With several locations throughout Atlanta, Van Michael knows a thing or two about keeping a wide range of clients satisfied and coming back. Male clients can expect that same top-notch customer service and grooming at this new location. “We have the old-school barber chairs and shampoo bowls at each station—we get tons of compliments on our chairs alone,” says Jena Larson, co-manager of Van Michael Men.

Located at The Battery, the new home of SunTrust Park and the Atlanta Braves, Van Michael Men offers haircuts, hot shaves, gray blending and waxing services, utilizing Aveda products. Hot shaves include steam and a hot towel to make it feel more like a facial. To attract clients, the salon offered 50-percent off the first service when it opened in February, a promotion that definitely paid off.

“Some of our clients weren’t comfortable paying our prices, but gave us a shot with the discount,” says Larson. “We’ve made them raving fans who never want to pay $10 for a haircut again.”