Kenny Duncan on the Set of Creed

While preparing for his role in the boxing drama Creed, actor Michael B. Jordon thought about requesting his former on-set barber. But he quickly changed his mind after meeting master barber and Andis Lead Educator, Kenny Duncan. “I shared with him that his previous barber—and two other barber candidates—actually attended my Andis classes,” says Duncan. Jordon’s respect for Andis tools instantly landed Duncan the job as the actor’s personal barber for the movie.

 On set Duncan would arrive at four o’clock in the morning to precisely duplicate the same look. One of the key elements Duncan mastered was Jordon’s mustache. It had to be reminiscent of the original Rocky character, Apollo Creed, because Jordon plays Apollo’s son. “That was the toughest part, making sure Michael was satisfied with his mustache and goatee,” says Duncan. 

As for Jordon’s hair, here’s how Duncan achieved the actor’s “light fade” look: He started with the BGR+ with outliner blade to Jordon’s temples below the occipital. To transition to the top, Duncan used the
Envy clipper closed, half open and fully open, followed by the 1A blade on the BGR+ against the grain. And, because Jordon was so familiar with Andis tools, he specifically requested the T-Outliner for edging—noting it’s close-cutting performance. 


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Duncan styled a total of six actors on the Creed set. One of his most memorable looks was created for the main fight scene between Jordon’s character and his archrival, Pretty Ricky. Befitting the dramatic moment, Duncan sculpted Pretty Ricky’s face on the back of a boxing fan’s head. “An initial even cut allowed the hair art to contrast and look good from a distance,” says Duncan. 

After 17 years of barbering, and years of professional speaking and educating, Duncan says he still felt extremely honored to be chosen to work on Creed. His advice to young, up-and-coming barbers: “Have the passion and determination to get better—because the will of a man will always outdo the skill of a man.” Rocky couldn’t have said it better himself.


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