Marco Pelusi's Tips for Getting Men To Try Hair Color

Celebrity colorist Marco Pelusi offers tips for getting men to try hair color:

1. Try it, they’ll like it Men tend to be afraid of hair color, but offer them a hair color service anyway. Most of them think they aren’t interested, but in truth, more men are trying to look fresher and younger.
2. Use demicolor Many guys simply want to blend away a few grays to look 10 years younger. Lowlighting men’s gray hair has huge financial potential for colorists. It can even start as a quick service that you add on after the haircut.
3. Be quick Men generally don’t want to spend as much time in the salon as women. They’re accustomed to quicker visits, so any color services need to be done in a timely fashion.
4. Be direct Men don’t need big artistic explanations about the color you offer them. Simply explain what the service will do and leave it at that. 
5. Make it natural If you’re about to color a guy’s hair, chances are he doesn’t really want anyone else to know about it.


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