4 On-Trend Nail Looks You Have to Try

A nail look from The Blonds show at NYFW

As temperatures cool, nail art is heating up. This fall/winter, expect darker colors, but also graphics, shimmer, metallics and rhinestone embellishments. Here, on-trend nail looks served up by OPI’s Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and Morgan Taylor’s Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel.

How-To: Gypsy Rose 

  • Step 1 Apply a thin coat of Morgan Taylor Mauve Your Feet. Make sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds and repeat. 
  • Step 2 Apply Morgan Taylor Matte Top It Off to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds. With Morgan Taylor Nail Surface Cleanse and lint-free wipes, cleanse the inhibition layer.
  • Step 3 Mix Morgan Taylor Mauve Your Feet with Morgan Taylor Prohesion Crystal Clear in a 1:1 ratio onto a nail palette. Using a mini striper brush, pick up a small amount and create the center of each rose and work your way outward. 
  • Step 4 Continue the pattern throughout the entire nail. Cure for 30 seconds. 

How-To: Petal Me Eighties

  • Step 1 Apply OPI Infinite Shine Primer and two coats of OPI It’s A Boy.
  • Step 2 Using OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, wipe off most of the product from the brush and create dry brush strokes on both sides of the nail.
  • Step 3 Repeat step 2 using OPI Worth A Pretty Penne to overlap the previous dry brush strokes.
  • Step 4 Use a fine liner brush and OPI Cable Carpool Lane to draw two small rectangles at both the base and tip of nail. Fill in and finish off with OPI Infinite Shine Gloss.

How-To: Nueva Navy

  • Step 1 Apply a thin coat of Morgan Taylor Olé My Way to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds and repeat. 
  • Step 2 Using a mini striper brush and Morgan Taylor Artic Freeze, create a smile line in the middle of the nail. With the mini striper brush, blend downward to create an ombré finish below the smile line. Cure for 30 seconds. 
  • Step 3 With Morgan Taylor Artic Freeze and the mini striper brush, paint two half circles leaving a small gap in between. 
  • Step 4 Using a clean mini striper brush, create oval shapes inside each half circle. With a dotting tool and Morgan Taylor Artic Freeze, apply dots onto the nail. Apply Morgan Taylor Top It Off, making sure to cap the free edge. Finish by adding three rhinestones. Cure for 30 seconds. 

How-To Golden Gate Ridge

  • Step 1 Apply one coat of OPI Infinite Shine Primer.
  • Step 2 Using a fine liner brush and OPI Worth A Pretty Penne, draw a small “U” and large “U.” Fill in the space with the lacquer.
  • Step 3 Use OPI Yank My Doodle and a finer liner brush to outline the arch of the large “U.” Fill in the top negative space portion.

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