The 10 Top Articles of 2020

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PHEW! What a year it has been. We're eager to move ahead into 2021, but we also want to take a moment to look back at what you all were most interested in reading from us this year. Naturally, a majority of it is COVID-19 related (who would have thought we'd be reporting on a pandemic!), but there were also a handful of pure beauty favorites. Take a look!

  1. This Hack Makes It Easier to Cut Clients' Hair While Wearing a Mask


  2. Where to Find PPE for the Salon


  3. 3 Ways to Prepare a Safe Salon Environment


  4. Infectious Disease Expert Says Salons Are a Medium-Risk Activity


  5. Camila Coelho Launches a Beauty Line


  6. Color How-To: Watermelon Brunette


  7. 28 Safety Guidelines for Reopening Salons, Barbershops and Spas


  8. How Hillary Duff's Hairstylist Achieves Her Bright Blonde


  9. How-To: Short Shag Haircut


  10. A Salon Owner Share 5 Things You Should Know Before Reopening



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