The 4.13 Hair in Review (HiR)

In a new series for our blog, every Friday we will update you on what happened in hair during the week. Little tid bits of pop culture to chat about at the salon on busy Fridays heading into a fulfilled weekend!

To get this started, this past Monday hit with the news of Anne Hathaway's new pixie cut, though it was cut for her role in Les Miserables as opposed to her just being artistically awesome.

Time Inc. revealed America's most beauty-obsessed cities; surprisingly, Miami doesn't make the cut.


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In Illinois, a hairdresser saved the life of his longtime client when she missed her weekly appointment, now this is some serious customer service.

American Salon's Teen Correspondent Emily

American Salon's teen correspondent Emily makes her debut with this post, as we'll note Emily's beauty tips and product try-outs in future Hair In Review posts! Emily loves the beauty industy and her two favorite magazines are Vogue and American Salon!

Though Emily had much success in life with her fabulous red tips, this 13-year-old in Louisiana didn't have much luck and actually got kicked out of school for having dyed red hair! Happy Friday the 13th!