4.27 HiR: Menounos Crimps; Kids Cut Hair, Emily at IBS

What did you guys do this week?! American Salon was busy working on our exciting June issue while also catching the main stage shows and classes of IBS New York, but of course we still had time to keep up on a little hair gossip!

Looks like Maria Menounos super hot crimping style has brought the 80's trend back into the spotlight at full force! She's as cute as ever!

Simon Cowell not only gets a serious say about what he hears, but also what he sees as he firmly tells singer Niall Horan "No!" to the question if he should dye his hair black.

Such an awesome way to empower kids, an event in Glasgow this weekend will allow a group of 10-year-olds to cut and color hair on live human adult volunteers!

Hair Wars will go pink for cancer awareness this Sunday in Detroit.

Making us think of the Gift of the Magi, this 12-year-old girl cuts her hair, a whopping 62 inches, to buy a house for her family. Let's just hope her family didn't sell their dream of owning a home to buy her pretty barrettes.

And finally, we caught American Salon's Teen Correspondent Emily at IBS at the Bling Strands booth. Girl got the treatment! We hear Emily and her sister were in "la la land" at the show checking everything out and trying as much as they could get on their hair and nails!