In With a Bang

When Adrienne Rogers and her husband, Carlos, decided to leave New York and open their own salon in Philadelphia, they opted for a location with a built-in looks-conscious clientele: a new outpost of the city's Sweat Gym. To that end, Bang is offering promotions with the gym to attract clients.

The salon, which debuted in July in Philadelphia's Old City District, features a decor that blends old and new. "The modern elements are harmonious with the historic elements," Adrienne says. "There are certain design touches that are special, but not overwhelming."

When it comes to hair, the duo creates looks that are fashionable but wearable. Adrienne sums up their approach to customers as "high end and sophisticated, but with a definite sense of us taking care of you." The only services offered at the salon are cuts, color and styling. "We want to do what we do best," says Adrienne, who remains a senior stylist at Manhattan's Cutler Salon and National Technical Training Director for Product Club, "and what we do best is hair." —L.M.