A creative, hands-on class that emphasizes team spirit results in RARE's fabullous inPrint collection of inspired hair creations.

The most unique class we offer at RARE is inPrint, a two-day, hands-on photographic workshop to help stylists learn about all of the elements that go into creating and producing a photographic collection centered on hair. Our attendees were five stylists from all over the world: Melissa Schriber and Andrea Neirhoff, both from Illinois; Mary Jean Holly, from New York; Jane Paterson, from Australia; and Danny Felstead, from Indiana. All of these fabulous artists, plus photographer Anthony Parmelee, makeup artist Alexa Rudolpho for MAC, and fashion stylist Rezza Buan, comprised our "dream team."

Ruth Roche
Ruth Roche

The biggest challenge was getting five people with different levels of experience and training, and with different ideas about hair, to work together as a team and find a common creative thread. What this meant for each of them was that they had to leave their egos behind and put on the learning hat. It wasn't about each person showing what they knew, but about having the willingness to be directed and the flexibility to change an idea or concept.

So much of what happens at a photo shoot is unpredictable. You may have planned out to a tee what you want to create, but on the actual day, any number of influences can change the outcome: the model, hair, makeup, lighting, wardrobe. It's important to realize that often these glitches are not negative, and in fact, often steer the shoot in an even better direction than had originally been planned.

The first day consisted of brainstorming to come up with a concept. We decided to create a combination of classic hairdressing shapes, mixed with a fuzzy fabric as either a veil or a complementary shape to the hair. Each participant was responsible for crafting a look and had to make sure it was significantly different from the others, either in shape or feel. It was exciting to watch everyone take bits of fabric, spread it out, throw it in the air and spray it or mold it to create a sheer material stiff enough to stand up when placed into the hairstyle.

The second day was the shoot itself. The models were scheduled throughout the day; if one stylist's model was not on set, they were either in makeup or getting their hair done. So there was no downtime for anyone, as there was always something going on to watch, learn or help with.

We've all heard the best way to learn something is to experience it, and I must say this beautiful collection is proof. Good job, everybody!

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