A Perfect 10

Every so often in life, you encounter someone whom you instinctively feel is destined for greatness. I sensed that about Sexy Hair founder Michael O'Rourke the day we first met back in the late 1990s. To this day, I can still vividly recall hearing the passion in his voice as he told me about his new company, Sexy Hair Concepts, and the great plans he had in store for the industry. Needless to say, I left our visit feeling inspired.

Throughout the next decade, our paths would cross time and again at industry events. At trade shows, it was easy to spot Michael. He was the guy standing amid a sea of hairdressers at a packed booth doing what he does best—taking education to a higher plateau while sharing his cutting-edge techniques, passion, business intellect, quick wit, enthusiasm and artistry with the crowd.

Fittingly, beauty pros and industry aficionados finally got the chance to return the favor this past January. A crowd of more than 300 of them turned out for a special fete, where they paid homage to the mane man who's had such a monumental impact on their careers. The gala, which also commemorated 10 years of Sexy Hair, was held at Level 3, a hip Hollywood nightclub.

One of the evening's highlights came when Michael, who started the company with one product—Big Sexy Hair Root Pump—and then grew the brand into a comprehensive collection of innovative beauty products, was presented with a Steuben glass bowl signed by all of the Sexy Hair employees. In addition, he received an all-expense paid trip to Canyon Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ.

Attendees also took time to join Michael and Sexy Hair CEO Jim Morrison in celebrating the company's 10th anniversary. Morrison was instrumental in signing the company's first celebrity spokesperson, American Idol's Katharine McPhee. Last year, the company brought Girlicious on-board and marked the sale of its 10 millionth can of Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play, the hairspray in the famous big red can. Today, Sexy Hair remains one of the fastest growing companies in the professional haircare industry. —Brett Vinovich, publisher, [email protected]