A Place In The Sun

Keratin Complex’s Abraham Sprinkle looks to nature’s opposites to create styles that work from sun up to sun down.

Swirls of red, orange and pink come together for edgy yet elegant looks evocative of sunrises and sunsets in the S/S ’14 Soleil Trend Collection from Keratin Complex, seen exclusively on these pages. “The collection has an influence of temperatures,” says Abraham Sprinkle, Keratin Complex International Creative Team stylist. “Whether going from cool to warm or vice versa, it’s a seamless blend of how in nature extreme opposites come together.” —Corie Russell >

Photography: Carol Plymill; Makeup: Sherilyn Segal; Fashion Styling: Ivie Richman; 
Creative Directors: Kirstin Gundersen, Ivie Richman


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Slide Notes

1. The carnival technique used for this look combines warm wood and sand hues with fiery red. Abraham Sprinkle started on hair at a level 6 and existing highlights at a level 8, then used Keratin Complex KeraBrilliance, Metamorfix and Demi-Glaze Activator for island wood, aurora red and titian sand shades. Sprinkle parted hair at the nape and applied an island wood hue to new growth. After the color processed, he shampooed and dried hair. Next, he sectioned the top area into uneven diamond shapes and alternated each section with aurora red and titian sand. Before rinsing, he emulsified all color together for one to two minutes to fuse the shades.

2. Beginning with a level 6, Sprinkle mixed five formulas using KeraHold and Metamorfix to create this sunset effect. He parted an off-centered oval section and applied a sun-soaked copper color. Next, Sprinkle parted a horizontal almond shape along the hairline at the forehead and lightened with It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System and Developer. He applied a sangria color to the rest of the hair and processed, then shampooed and dried it. He then re-sectioned the almond shape and at a diagonal applied alternating back-to-back slices of solaris orange and pomegranate.

3. For the sunrise effect, Sprinkle used Metamorfix color and KeraHold color and developer, and started at a level 8. He suggests pre-lightening hair with It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System if necessary. Sprinkle first made circular partings around the head in an asymmetrical shape, and created a tropical orchid shade. Next, he applied an island lava hue to hair at the parietal ridge, starting on the right side. Sprinkle added a ripe papaya hue between the slices and to the rest of the section, then vertically sliced with sun-bleached gold. Lastly, he applied a conch-shell pink color to the crown.