A Sure Cure

Science and nature combine in a new conditioning collection for all types of hair.

as0315-FL_before shot-_fmt.jpegas0315-FL_after shot-r_fmt_2_0.jpegA revolutionary conditioning collection by E-cure has been unleashed to U.S. salons this winter, along with rebranded packaging. E-cure Treatment boasts innovative formulas created with natural ingredients like healing deep-sea minerals and over 30 wild plant extracts that work together to restore a healthy pH balance to hair, nourish the scalp and reverse oxidation.

The 15-minute conditioning treatment is ideal for hair that feels brittle; has been bleached, color-treated, chemically processed or texturized; or is coarse or curly. Four products are used in a three-step process—Prep, Cleanse and Restore, and Seal—that works to restore healthy, manageable locks and deliver nourishment deep into the hair shaft for shiny, manageable locks.


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The three-step treatment is perfect to offer as an in-salon add-on service, to promote luster and shine that can last up to two months. “E-cure Treatment has become our salon’s signature treatment,” says Janet Rufin, owner of Janet Rufin’s Parlor in New York City. “It hydrates from the inside out verses treatments that address hydration topically, like masks. That also means less static during the winter. With continued use, this treatment becomes so effective that there is no need to follow your shampoo with a conditioner.” —D.C.