Add These Drops to Your Haircare Routine for Ultimate Protection

(Oribe Power Drops)

Showering with cold water, avoiding excessive sun exposure and staying away from chlorine are just a few of the steps women take to preserve their haircolor. These preventative measures might soon be a thing of the past, though, thanks to one of Oribe's newest product launches, the Power Drops Color Preservation Booster. 

The highly-concentrated treatment serum provides an intense dose of antioxidants and amino acids to shield hair from UV rays and enhance color retention. Formulated with vitamin C, bioflavonoids and quinoa protein, adding a few drops of the Color Preservation Booster to any Oribe product preserves and protects every shade. 

For those looking to take their haircare game to the next level, Oribe also launched a Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster and a Damage Repair Booster. Designed to provide an intense dose of deep hydration while also defending against environmental pollution, the Hydration & Anti-Pollution elixir develops powerful protection and profound conditioning. For damage that's already been done, the Damage Repair Booster is formulated with linoleic acid, biotin and sea kelp extract to repair and fortify strands.