Adrienne Rogers On Maximizing Your Consultations

How we use time in an appointment is a crucial element to staying on schedule. I am very serious about running on time; it’s a matter of common courtesy and a way to keep your sanity in a busy day.

For the new hairdresser, the perception is that you have a vast amount of time for consultation. Sometimes a lengthy conversation, options and too many ideas can confuse the client and lead to anxiety. Even though we might think we have plenty of time, it quickly slips away, leaving less opportunity to create what was finally agreed upon.

There are mixed feelings about clients bringing in pictures. Personally I’m all for it. I’m rarely put in a position that’s completely unrealistic or unflattering. When this happens, I usually ask the client “What about the color in this picture do you like?” as opposed to “It’s a good thing you came here, because someone else may have actually done this to you.” It’s obviously best not to challenge someone’s level of taste. They’re with us for our help and guidance.

An important step when using pictures is pointing out things that may be scrutinized post service. If a client shows me a picture that has off base highlighting I am sure to point it out or I may get a hard time for not going “to the root.” Most of the time they’re not aware that the elements they may scrutinize post service are what make the hair modern and fresh in the first place. Next time you’re leafing through a magazine (or checking it out over the shoulder of a client) practice taking note of elements that a client may have concerns over.

Practicing a concise consultation is as important as practicing your speed with your practical skills. I tend to be blunt about what’s possible. This pertains to their hair texture and it’s history, their requests and the reality of how much time I have to make it happen. Our success rates are in direct proportion to the promises we’ve made, and how many we’ve completed to fruition.

Adrienne Rogers is the owner of Hush Salon in Philadelphia and a senior colorist at Cutler Salon in NYC. As national technical training director for Product Club, Rogers is responsible for developing new techniques that are in line with current fashion trends and incorporating them into Product Club’s class formats. She also travels extensively teaching advanced coloring techniques in classroom demonstrations and hands-on workshops.