American Crew Hits the Road with Harley-Davidson

Levi Stocke, one of the HDxAC campaign models, poses for a picture at the American Crew booth

Almost 25 years ago, American Crew's founder David Raccuglia dove headfirst into men's grooming and started a revolution. Creating a slew of products that suited the modern man, Raccuglia set out with a goal to transform the beauty industry and create a men's category where there once was no such thing. Years later, barbering is quite literally booming, and, according to Raccuglia, the category is expected to reach $26 billion by 2020. "We finally have an audience," he says. "People are excited about men's grooming." 

American Crew founder David Raccuglia  

Earlier this year, American Crew announced a partnership with another cultural icon: Harley-Davidson. The grooming brand and the quintessential motorcycle manufacturer have teamed up to craft a unique experience and an exciting ride for their customers. With multiple activations planned in the coming months, Raccuglia says the partnership will not only benefit barbershops, but salons as well. "Harley-Davidson is so recognizable," Raccuglia says. "If you put a point a point of purchase up with a photo of handsome, well-groomed guys, it's bound to draw attention. This partnership fits any environment where men's style is being sold." 


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This week, just in time for Harley-Davidson's 115th anniversary, a team of editors and American Crew brand representatives traveled to Milwaukee to see the #stylefortheroad campaign come to life. Perfectly complementing the core values and heritage of Harley-Davidson, American Crew joined thousands of die-hard bikers at the Harley-Davidson Museum, showing off some of their staple products and offering classic cuts and styling sessions right onsite. "There's nothing more American than hopping on a bike and hitting the open dirt road," Raccuglia says. "Now, we want those bikers to get really dirty on the road and then groom with us. Rinse, wash and repeat." 

American Crew's booth at the Harley Davidson Museum during the 115th Anniversary celebration 

Be sure to follow American Crew and the #stylefortheroad campaign on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest activations, including motorcycle giveaways and more. 

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