American Culture Simply Smooth Treats a Few Celebrities

Dania Ramirez and Doreen Guarneri

Dania Ramirez, actress on the upcoming American Reunion, and Big Brother's season thirteen winner Rachel Reilly used American Culture Simply Smooth keratin treatment and products to manage their hair. Doreen Guarneri, American Culture, The Look Salon owner and co-creator of Simply Smooth, consulted with Ramirez who said she was looking to de-frizz and manage her hair but avoid a stick-straight look. Guarneri first primed the hair in the back with Designer Line pre-soft keratin primer to even out the curly texture for foundation. She finished with a Cure Tool designed to infuse the keratin treatment into the hair. Ramirez was sent home with tropical shampoo and conditioner, keratin replenishing between dry shampoo, keratin replenishing magic potion and calming balm to maintain an array of styles.

Similarly, Reilly was not looking for straight locks but was seeking a system that would enhance manageability while not stripping or drying out hair. Her sister Elissa, a hairdresser, used the keratin original treatment as well as the home maintenance system of xtend keratin replenishing toning shampoo, deep conditioner and magic potion on Reilly. “After using the Simply Smooth system, I received compliments on my hair continually," she said. "Even after a length of time since last using the product, I continued to receive the benefits.” —Kristen Heinzinger