American Salon Editor Tries She Clip In Hair Extensions

A before shot with Nicholas French, hair stubbornly grazes shoulder

After: Kardashian hair!

On the last day of America's Beauty Show in Chicago this past March 3-5, I got the chance to go from ho-hum to a VaVaVoom Kardashian in just 15 minutes with clip-on hair extensions from She by SO.CAP.USA.

Having lived the brunt of my adult life with a bob and bangs, in the past six months I have decided to grow my hair out in the hopes I will get that Kardashian luscious locks-look – but of course, I should know better. It's not that my hair is terrible or too fine, it's just sort of, well, not Kardashian-luscious and, most annoyingly, it seems to be stuck at the point of just grazing my shoulders.

Lucky for me I have become part of this stylish industry with my new editorial position at American Salon and I am now at the forefront of hair innovations, technologies, trends and incredibly wonderful products. I am ready to try it all, there is just one very important rule I have made for myself: Proceed Slowly.

That said, trying She Clip In Hair Extensions was the perfect introduction for me into the world of hair extensions and deciding if I want the real deal or not—something I have been recently considering.

Endorsed by renowned stylist Nicholas French, the She Clip In extensions are made of real human hair and come in a variety of colors, from edgy neons to grays and the perfect color to match my own chocolate hue. Finding my fit was a cinch for stylist Lindsey Castay, who was charged with the project of turning me into a super model.

The whole process took about 15 minutes, and French was on hand as he charmingly said, as Lindsey's 'assistant;' he held up pieces of my real hair as Lindsey clipped the extensions—nine pieces in total—in place, letting me know along the way how easy it would be for me to do by myself later.

Once done I felt uber girly and a bit like one of those fancy birds that easily attracts male birds with her pretty feathers, in my case it was this silky hair!

Stylist Lindsey Castay, "assisted" by the renowned Nicholas French

Hair is still glam the next day!