Andis Company is Enlisted to the Set of a New Comedy on Fox

Andis Company brought some heavy artillery to the set of the new Fox comedy Enlisted, which premiered on January 10, and takes a behind the scenes look at the military’s rear detachment unit that helps take care of the families of deployed soldiers. Lead Stylist for the show, Cheryl Marks chose Andis clippers and trimmers to maintain the actor’s military coifs on set.

“Andis clippers were an essential part of the hair department. During the 13 episodes we shot, the three main actors, Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young, hair changes quite a bit,” said Cheryl. “Since they play 3 brothers that are enlisted, having a regulation haircut was not always necessary, however we really respected and tried to follow military regulation. We cut high and low fades on the background actors. In addition, the Andis Superliner Trimmer was indispensable. “We trimmed the actors’ necks and sideburns daily. The female actors wore official Army buns, and we trimmed their neck hair as well.”


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