April 2011 Issue: Virtual Hair Consulting With Rene Fris

For our April issue, I reported on celebrity stylist Rene Fris' new online consultation service. For a mere fraction of his in-person cost you can log on to his website, upload three photos and Fris will personally analyze them. After, he sends back a personalized video e-mail with his recommendations. I took Fris up on his offer for a consultation and submitted my photos easily through his website. In less than a week, I received my very own celebrity treatment. Was I nervous to hear what this stylist to the stars had to say about my hair? Yes! Would I agree with Fris' recommendations? Keep reading to find out.

Rene Fris was exactly right about my fine hair. He knew straight away that achieving volume with my straight, fine hair was a big issue. His suggestions? Alternate between two different shampoos (fine or normal, and  volumizing) to avoid oil build up. Products to try? Kerastase or Joico's volumizing shampoo. If I'm not washing daily, I could try a dry shampoo from Oscar Blandi. The biggest surprise? To try a spray conditioner (just on the roots) to avoid weighing down hair. So far so good!

On to the actual style. While Fris likes my long hair, he suggested cutting five inches and adding a few layers to tackle the flatness, and to help create more lift.

To watch what Rene Fris has to say about my hair, click here!